Every Cut Counts

Offering the Finest Selection of Curated Meats, Cheeses, and so much more!

Nothing Like it in Memphis!

Full-Service Specialty Butcher

We are a full-service shop with curated meat products, charcuteire, cheese, made-in-house prepared sides and sausages, specially gourmet goods, and more!

Find Expertly Hand-Cut Meats

Charcuterie Boards for All Occasions

Our experienced butchers take great care when selecting and cutting the finest meats by hand to ensure the best quality and taste from our trusted supplier farms. We offer a range of prime beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry, and game.

We offer an incredible assortment of quality  charcuterie meats from regional and european specialities to complement any of our cheeses, jams, and gourmet items.  We can prepare boards to your to your specifications for any occasion. 

Discover a Diverse Array of Cheese

Complete your Experience with our Prepared Foods

Choose from a delectable array of international and domestic cheeses sourced from the best supplier and creameries. We’re convinced, we have a style and flavor of cheese for every palate from mild cheddar and creamy brie to stilton blue and stinky cheese.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, our ‘grab & go’ made-in-house dinner sides, sandwiches, and more make meal planning a breeze.  

Engage Us in Conversation

Our butchers are also experienced chefs and will guide you on selecting, preparing, and cooking our products.

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